EMMA STONE: From Rom-Com Sweetheart to Oscar Winner

It’s 2019, so you’ve probably heard of Emma Stone by now. Maybe you saw her in the Spider-Man duology. Maybe you saw her tap dance in La La Land. Or, if you have been living under a rock, maybe you don’t know who she is. Although I could spend hours talking about her work, I will try to reduce it all down to my top four movies of her.


source: Lionsgate

A star is born. Except Lady Gaga isn’t in this film, and Emma Stone does not sing. What she does do, is start her career as an actress, delivering a short yet hilarious performance that catches the audience’s attention. Here, Stone plays Jules, the love interest of Seth (Jonah Hill). This marks down the first time Hill and Stone would work together, forming an unexpected deadpan duo.


source: Columbia Pictures

If you were disappointed after watching arguably one of the best superhero movies of the decade, Venom, you should try and check this one out. Maybe make it a double feature!

Both Venom and Zombieland are directed by Ruben Fleischer, although the latter feels like it could be part of Edgar Wright’s work. With its strong point being the actors (Stone, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg), we follow the story of four survivors during a zombie apocalypse in the United States or, as Columbus likes to call it – Zombieland. They team up and try to fight for survival, but they all have different rules and objectives, so their journey will not be easy.


source: Screen Gems

Olive is a high school student who decides to spread rumors about her own scandalous yet non-existent sex life in order to stop being invisible under everyone’s eyes. However, the gossip turns into well-known fact among her classmates and even her teachers. Taking advantage of her slut-shamed reputation, Olive completely changes for people’s enjoyment, as she fights being herself, or being what everyone wants her to be.


source: Lionsgate

What can I say about this film that hasn’t been said already? Even though the thought of Stone and Ryan Gosling tap dancing in a musical film Donen style seems a bit outlandish as a concept, it is rather impressive how everything turned out to be so naturally perfect. This film is the third movie starring Emma and Ryan, who are now one of the most loved on-screen couples of Hollywood. La La Land feels like a breath of fresh air while maintaining a Hollywood, golden age appearance. It reminds us that classic films can still be made.

Emma Stone has proved to be one of the most versatile actresses of these last five years while her charisma remains, as well as audiences’ ongoing approval. If you’re wondering where’s her career heading to, you can check her upcoming projects, which includes a Zombieland sequel, a Disney live-action and a culinary- themed horror film. Let’s enjoy her golden age!

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